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The 2015 SOOS Orchid Show is February 14 and 15.

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Plant of the Month - January 4, 2015

Heinz Ernstberger’s charming Phragmipedium Peruflora’s Saltimbanco ‘Leanne’AM-AOS. A year after it was awarded, this time carried one flower more than when it was awarded. The cross is the huge pink kovachii crossed with a very twisted green Phrag and the result is lovely! Heinz grows it in his 8’ X 12’ greenhouse. This greenhouse is supplied with T-5 and T-8 lamps going along both sides and the top to lengthen short days and brighten dull ones. The greenhouse has two shelves and the Phrag resides on the front part of the bottom shelf and only gets moved to the top when it is blooming. The temperature in the greenhouse is controlled by a thermostat that comes on when the temperature drops below 60F(15C) at night and below 70F(19C) during the day.. The plant is potted in a mix of bark, charcoal (not too much of this ingredient) and chopped sphagnum. Well done as usual, Heinz!
There was another interesting comment from Synea Tan on the culture of her lovely Ionopsis utricularioides: This plant is a twig epiphyte and must have excellent drainage. However Synea grows it very wet and it loves it..



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