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Sunday, 2 November 2014 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens in Floral Hall

Speaker: Russ Vernon will speak to us about Odont Culture,

or How to Grow Killer Odonts Without Getting Frostbite! Russ is bringing plants for sale and would like payment in US dollars. You can preorder up to October 28 at

Russ is a graduate of Ohio State University majoring in horticulture/floriculture. He has worked for Orchids by Hausermann, A&P Orchids, Ball State University and the Wheeler Orchid Collection and Species Bank, and Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield the Cat. In 2004, Russ and his wife Anita started New Vision Orchids. The company specializes in Phalaenopsis, Odontoglossums and their intergenerics, Miltoniopsis and Lycastes. The biggest area of focus is hybridizing and of course, wholesale and retail sales. Russ is a judge of the American Orchid Society and is past President of the International Phalaenopsis Alliance and committee chair of the Conservation Committee, Mid-America Orchid Congress. He and Anita have two daughters.



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Plant of the Month - October 2014

The honour went to Alla Linetsky for her spectacular Rlc Pink Empress. The plant had two huge, flat quite full purple flowers and a heady fragrance! She grows it in a concrete pot in a South-facing, but partially shaded windowsill with a 20 watt, warm-white LED light overhead for extra light intensity. She uses reverse osmosis water to irrigate the plant. Prior to use the concrete pot‘s interior was treated with acid to reduce the pH 9 it stated out with. (I presume the slow leaching of calcium from the pot kept the plant supplied with calcium). It was potted in a mix of coconut husks, Perlite and charcoal with lava rock on the bottom for drainage. Her house has 70% humidity year-round. There is no extra air-movement except the ambient movement. She uses K-Lite fertilizer at the rate of 30ppm. This fertilizer is close to MSU, but has less potash(K). She bought the plant about one and a half years ago at Terra, where it was on sale, because the flowers had folded. This is the second flowering since then! Congratulations Alla, that was a lovely plant!

Another plant on the show table caught my attention. It was Mario Ferrusi’s newly awarded Restrepia sanguinea ’Mario’s Choice’ AM-CCM-AOS. It had a semi-circle of deep red spoon-shaped flowers with an orange, red-spotted lip. It flowers for him three times per year! He pots it in a mix of small bark, Perlite and 3cm pieces of sphagnum moss. He keeps it evenly moist- never lets it dry out, keeps it in bright, almost cattleya light and gives it good air movement. He fertilizes it with MSU fertilizer..


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Future Meetings:

2014 meeting dates are as follows.

  • October 5
  • November 2
  • December 7
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