Southern Ontario Orchid Society

Our Next Meeting is ORCHIDFEST!

Sunday August 10 at the Toronto Botancial Garden. Floral Hall

Open to members of all Orchid Societies.



Roy Tokunaga of H&R Orchids in Hawaii will be our very special guest speaker.



Pre-plants from H&R for delivery at Summerfest.
Deadline for Orders:
Orders should be received at H&R by July 10

     Aloha from Hawaii to Attendees of the SOOS August 2014 Summer Orchid Event.
     Thank you for your gracious invitation for Roy Tokunaga to speak at your event. 
Here is the special Orchid Price List, specifically intended for pre-orders to be delivered in August 2014.  Please use this special Canada list because it differs a little from our web site listing. Some items have been omitted due to shipping constraints and difficulty preparing them for shipping.  (Canada requires bare-rooting our plants. We have omitted some bulky plants or those with huge root balls that are difficult to bare-root). However, our listing is still quite extensive.  Roy also will be bringing for sale some plants from our nursery, which are not pre-orders. These plants will be priced differently from our pre-order list.
For those of you who are not familiar with H&R Nurseries, we have a worldwide reputation for having many new and innovative orchid hybrids in various genera. We also stock many unusual, desirable and sometimes rare orchid species. Our growing conditions and more than 30 years of experience allow us to provide excellently grown plants.
Deadline for Orders: Orders should be received at H&R by July 10.

All preorders should be sent be sent to Terry Kennedy (NOT H&R) at [email protected] .  She will consolidate the orders and send them on to H&R.  In order to meet the H&R deadline Terry must have your order by July 8, 
The information needed is:

  1. Please list the plants in the same order as on the price list
  2. List: Quantity of plants for each item; Code number for plant; Plant name as listed; Pot size; List price as noted on the price list. 
  3. Payment: once the availability of the plants of your order is confirmed you will be notified of the total cost of your order.  Preorders are in US $ and due before you pick up your plants.  Terry will collect the moneys and then pay H&R for the entire preorder.
  4. Purchases at Summerfest  may be made in Canadian $.



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Plant of the Month - June 2014

Rosanna Li won the honors this month with her well-grown, nice dark clone of Dendrobium uniflorum. The name of this species comes from the fact that each inflorescence carries just a single flower. Under Rosanna’s care, each cane carried numerous single-flowered inflorescences. She summers the plant out-of-doors in 50% shade and winters it in a south-west facing window. She pots it in a mix of coconut chips, charcoal and Perlite and never lets it dry out completely, especially in summer. This means watering once a week in winter and often much more frequently in summer, all depending on rain, humidity and wind. The minimum temperature in the winter is 22C. In other words this is a warm-growing plant!! They rot easily if kept too cool. Since the last growth is much taller than the rest, I am sure Rosanna did not forget to fertilize the plant regularly!


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Future Meetings:

2014 meeting dates are as follows.

  • August 10
  • September 7
  • October 5
  • November 2
  • December 7
Please check the Calendar for more events and details.

Importing Orchids into Canada

This is a very complex and sometimes frustrating topic.
Marilyn H. S. Light, Chair,
Conservation Committee of the Canadian Orchid Congress
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