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Next Meeting:

Sunday, 7 September 2014 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens in Floral Hall

glen deckerSpeaker: Glen Decker of Piping Rock Orchids will be our September 7 speaker at SOOS.

Glen’s presentation for the Sept. 7 meeting is "How to Grow Great Slipper Orchids" ... lots of culture, which is pretty much what everyone wants to hear, plus pretty pictures of course.

Glen will be bringing a very limited amount of non ordered plants for the SOOS meeting on Sept. 7. So if you would like to get some special plants from Piping Rock you should order from the web page NOW before the end of August


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Plant of the Month - June 2014

Rosanna Li won the honors this month with her well-grown, nice dark clone of Dendrobium uniflorum. The name of this species comes from the fact that each inflorescence carries just a single flower. Under Rosanna’s care, each cane carried numerous single-flowered inflorescences. She summers the plant out-of-doors in 50% shade and winters it in a south-west facing window. She pots it in a mix of coconut chips, charcoal and Perlite and never lets it dry out completely, especially in summer. This means watering once a week in winter and often much more frequently in summer, all depending on rain, humidity and wind. The minimum temperature in the winter is 22C. In other words this is a warm-growing plant!! They rot easily if kept too cool. Since the last growth is much taller than the rest, I am sure Rosanna did not forget to fertilize the plant regularly!


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Future Meetings:

2014 meeting dates are as follows.

  • September 7
  • October 5
  • November 2
  • December 7
Please check the Calendar for more events and details.

Importing Orchids into Canada

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