January  200 News


President’s Message

I would like to start my tenure as your new President by extending my thanks to all of the fantastic people on your Executive whom I have had the pleasure of working with over the past two years. I can hardly believe the two years are up. Mario – did you really tell me that I would end up President in two years? Was I listening to you that afternoon? Anyway, I am here now, and I will do my best to steer our organization through the waters ahead.

We must all take a minute to thank those people who have put in years of selfless work for the Society. In particular, we must give a great round of thanks to Doug Kennedy for all of his years of arranging our speakers. He certainly has produced an incredible series of lectures for us, with Eric Christenson here in January. Doug has announced his intention not to be a formal part of the Executive, but to stand in the wings and help our Marion Williams with speakers quietly. Again Doug, we all thank you for your endless hours of work.

I would like to remind everyone to carefully follow the plans Wayne Eyles has set out for us to ensure we all have plants with the best presentation possible. Don’t forget to check out the volunteer sheets at the January meeting. Volunteering gets you into the show for free!!!



January 4, by popular request Eric Christenson will once again come North to speak to us. His topic will be Orchids in Peru and the Phragmipedium kovachii saga. This is a talk you won’t want to miss. Eric is a well known and outspoken botanist who does not mince words, and who knows his subject first hand.

Thespeakers have been contacted for the Annual Orchid Summerfest. Gene Crocker of Carter and Holmes and Leon Glicenstein of Hoosier Orchids will be our guests. They will be bringing lots of interesting plants. Watch for more details in the new year.

Your program committee seeks to please the membership. If you have ideas for useful programs or perhaps know of subjects or speakers that we could all benefit from, don’t hesitate to tell Marion Williams (416 489-1991) about it.

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For Another Year of Great Orchid Education and Fellowship

Please Renew Your membership No

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Welcome New Members

  • Edgar O. Bentham, Michel Cabardos, Wendy Hoffman
  • Dr. Anthony Maurantonio, Scott McCord,
  • Barbara Moulder 

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Beginners Instruction

Wayne Hingston is once again leading beginners sessions for new members that need help with their plants. If you are interested his phone number is 905-649-2467. The meetings are on Monday nights 7 pm at the Garden Centre at Leslie and Lawrence Avenue East. Dates for the 2003-2004 Newcomers meetings are as follows:

Jan 2004 NO meeting

Feb 16, 2004 Cattleya....

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Coming Events


29, Toronto Centr, Judging, 1 pm, Toronto Botanical Garden (Civic Garden Centre).

30, SOOS meeting, 12:30 pm, Toronto Botanical Garden (Civic Garden Centre).

January 2004

3, Toronto Centre, Judging, 1 pm, Toronto Botanical Garden (Civic Garden Centre ).

4, SOOS meeting, 12:30 pm, Toronto Botanical Garden (Civic Garden Centre).


1, SOOS meeting, 12:30 pm, Toronto Botanical Garden (Civic Garden Centre).

7, Toronto Centre, Judging, 1 pm, Toronto Botanical Garden (Civic Garden Centre ).

13-15, SOOS Valentine Show, Toronto Botanical Garden (Civic Garden Centre ).

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SOOS Executive Committee News

The 2004 Membership cards are available now. Renew your membership for another year of great orchid events and a complimentary Canadian Orchid Congress pin.

Your New Board of Directors and Executive:

President. Jay Norris

Vice President Stanley Luk

Past President Mario Ferrusi

Secretary Sue Loftus

Treasurer Joe O’Regan

Membership Hesse Pommells

Directors: Chee Chong, Wayne Hingston

Yvonne Schreiber, Marion Williams, Ellen Lai

David Bryan, Wayne Eyles, Terry Kennedy

Inge Poot, Peter Poot, Robin McLaughlin

Winston Hsu, Michael Jabir,

Jocelyn Bertrand, Terry Kowalczk

Society Sales Table

The society sales table is there for the members to sell their surplus orchid plants. It is operated by volunteers on the assumption that those members who wish to sell plants will cooperate and assist in that process. The society takes 10% of sales as a donation. If you are bringing plants for sale please observe the following courtesies to your fellow members:

1. Bring only healthy, clean plants.

2. Bring a listing of the plants including names, prices and your name and address for the table volunteers.

3.Clearly label your plants with name, price and your name and phone number.

4. Maximum 10 plants per member per meeting.

5.Offer to assist at the sales table, don’t just drop your plants and hope for the best ( we do our best to safeguard the plants, but it does get busy and unguarded plants can disappear).

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 AOS Judging Results

Niagara Region Orchid Show November 8:Colmanara Wildcat ‘Bloody Ruby’ CCM-AOS 81 points, Yvon Doucet.


Toronto Centr November 29:

Brassia angusta ‘Orange Crush’ AM-AOS 80 points, Doug & Terry Kennedy

Brassia antherotes ‘Gold Bullion’ CHM-AOS 80 points, Doug & Terry Kennedy

Lc Secret Love ‘Terry" HCC-AOS 78 points, Doug & Terry Kennedy

Restrepia ?(sanguinea x guttulata )‘Gaetano Ferrusi’, AM-AOS 81 points, Mario & Conni Ferrusi

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  Thank You SOOS

and your auctioneers Wayne Hingston and Mario Ferrusi for the $1897.00 brought in by the auction to benefit the Toronto Judging Centre. Also a big Thank You to the donors of auction items:

Northern Lights Hydroponics, owner Mike Tedesco, Louise Murphy, Howard Ginsberg,

Therese Crebar, Schreibers Orchids, Robin McLaughlin, Joe O’Regan, Agnes Hastick, Margaret Baird, Inge and Peter Poot, Alan Tezlaff, David Bryan, Joe Di Ciommo, Ralph Jones, Zephyrus Orchids, Winnie and Leslie Melbye, Mario and Conni Ferrusi, John Spears, Yves Aubrey, Erika Lorincz, Lina Chan, Terry Kowalczuk, Jocelyn Bertrand, Norito Hasegawa, Cloud’s Orchids, Doug and Terry Kennedy, Millenium Soils

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 Show Table

Dec 2003 Show Table Winners

Class 1: Cattleya Alliance

2nd: C. Little Dipper x Lc Mini Purple by Roger Sheng

3rd Pot. Hoku Gem by Rosanna Li

3rd Epi. radicans x Obrienianum = E. Thayeri by Claire Brown?

Class 2: Paphs and Phrags

1st Paph. Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ by Jean Chang

2nd Phrag. Don Wimber by Jean Chang

3rd Paph. Prime Child by Lina Chan

Class 3: Phalaenopsis and Vanda Alliance

1st Vanda (Kasem’s Delight x Gordon Dillon) by ?

Class 4: Oncidium, Brassia, Odontoglossum Alliance

1st: Odontioda Lorraine’s Fourteenth by Kathy McGlade

2nd Onc. Susan Kaufmann ‘Red Wonder’ by Anita Kho


Class 6: Dendrobiums

1st Dend. Tora Pink by Clair Brown

2nd Dend. (Ekapoi x Michael Sado) x Rakpai Bulsoment by Roger Sheng

3rd Dend. gonzalesii by Anita Kho

Class 7: All Others

2nd Masd. agaster by Roland Schwahn

Plant of the Month:

Basket of Paphs with Psychopsis beautifully grown and shown by Stanley Luk.

Here are the culture notes for the basket.

Paph malipoense

Grown under lights against east facing windowsill.

In plastic pot in even mix of medium coconut chunks, coarse perlite, charcoal, fine bark and sphagnum moss. watered bi-weekly in summer, weekly in winter. Fertilized every other watering.

Grown in intermediate conditions in summer then cool from early November to March. Must have cool temperatures in winter to induce a resting period otherwise plant may not bloom. Plant requires cool conditions for the spike to grow also.

I have one plant that initiated a spike in the summer, but during the blackout, the air conditioner went off and the spike blasted immediately the following day.

Paph Maudiae 'Magnificum', Paph (farrieanum x Ruby Peacock), Paph (Flame Arrow x Satchel Paige)

Grown under lights against east facing windowsill.

All grown in fine mix of perlite, fir bark and charcoal. Watered biweekly in summer, weekly in winter. Fertilized every other watering.

Grown in intermediate conditions year round but can be grown in warm conditions. I give cooler temperatures in winter for the Paph farrieanum hybrid but it is not essential. All very easy to grow, and Maudiae types will bloom twice a year if grown in warm conditions.

Psychopsis hybrid

Grown under lights against east facing windowsill.

In clay pot in an even open mix of medium coconut chunks, coarse perlite, charcoal, fine bark. watered bi-weekly in summer, weekly in winter. Fertilized every other watering.

Grown in intermediate to warm conditions. This plant has been in bloom since June and each flower lasts 2 weeks+. All parts above the potting mix, especially new growth must dry quickly after watering or else they will rot. Do not cut spike until it is dead, they will continue to bloom for years.

If your plant is listed without your name, please let Jay Norris know so your points can be recorded. Remember the grower of the year receives a cheque for $50 to spend at our show!!!

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 Library News

New book: It is said that "a picture is worth a thousand words". Thai orchid species by Somsak Rakpaibulsombat, a recent addition to the S.O.O.S. library, demonstrates this quite clearly. Although only the names of the orchids have been translated into English, you will find, in the 245 colour photographs, pictures of some of the species for which you have been searching. Want to know what Dendrobium moschatum or Cleisostoma chantaburiense look like? This book will show you!

Books about or relating to orchids are not found only in the S.O.O.S. library. Ours is only a small part of the library at the Toronto Botanic Garden (formerly the Civic Garden Centre). The main library also houses "orchid" books that can be borrowed using your S.O.O.S. membership card with its associated borrowing privileges (books taken out at one meeting are due back on the next meeting date). You are able to borrow books on any topic from the Toronto Botanic Garden library.

A recent addition to the main library is Slipper orchids of Vietnam: with an introduction to the flora of Vietnam by Leonid Avetyanov, Phillip Cribb, etc. Following an overview of Vietnam’s geology, climate zones, vegetation and slipper genera, a detailed account of the country’s 22 lovely but highly endangered Paphiopedilum species and natural hybrids is presented. Slipper orchids represent a small part of Vietnam’s flora, and although almost half of these slippers have been discovered within the past ten years, many are already threatened with extinction. The final chapter deals with these threats as well as the limited conservation measures that are being undertaken.

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For Sale

Plant Light Stand

3 tier 4 feet long includes lights

Stelco stainless steel drainage trays $300 or reasonable offer

Therese Crebar 705-745-4228

Monthly Meeting
 January 4, 2004
Toronto Botanical Garden 
Sales 12:30 pm
Meeting 2 pm
Jay Norris
 Stanley Luk
Sue Loftus
Joe O’Regan

Annual Dues
$20.00/Calendar Year
Membership Secretary
Hess Pommells
Apt. 503, 370 Dixon
Road, Weston, Ontario,
M9R 1T2


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With social information call Wayne Eyles at 905- 629-1799 or e-mail at [email protected]



SOOS Valentine Show

February 14-15


Question Box

Remember, this is your newsletter. If you have a burning orchidaceous question, need, or opinion, send it in to Box 241, Goodwood, ON, L0C 1A0, or fax it to 905-640-0696, or e.mail it to [email protected]      or phone 905-640-5643. We will print it if it is suitable and if there is space.


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Peter Poot



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