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January 2009

Full Steam Ahead for the Annual Orchid show

From: Snap Downtown Toronto Magazine:

June 2008

Walter Norman

Walter passed away June 24 at the age of 93. He was a founding and honorary life member of SOOS. He served on the SOOS Board for many years as President, editor, secretary, program convenor and show chair. Walter was always generous with his time to anyone interested in orchids. SOOS has made a donation to the Scott Mission in Walter’s honour. We will miss him.

April 2008

Gary Schreiber


At the SOOS meeting on April 4, we were stunned to learn that our good friend, and superb orchid plantsman, Gary Schreiber had passed away that very weekend. Our immediate thoughts turn to Yvonne, Gary 's partner in life and in business. Those who met Gary and Yvonne knew that he was the big bear, the larger than life giant of a man, with smiles, advice, and a joke to go along with the orchids that we bought from them. His skill as a grower was widely regarded. He garnered many AOS awards. His most recent was a Certificate of Cultural Excellence (CCE) of 90 points for Paph. malipoense 'Two Flowers'.

The Toronto Star carried the notice on April 9th.


Paph malipoense 'Two Flowers'  CCE/AOS

December 2007

New SOOS Executive is Elected


PRESIDENT Tom Atkinson
TREASUER Elizabeth McAlpine
SECRETARY Susan Loftus
MEMBERSHIP-Secretary Hess Pommels

Chee Chong (Membership Assistant)
Mario Ferrusi (Program)
Peter Poot (Newsletter editor)
Terry Kennedy
Laura Liebgott
Inge Poot
Wayne Eyles
Gary Schreiber
Don Wyatt
Iryna Bonya
Marion Curry
Wendy Hoffman
Henry Glowka
Max Wilson (web site)



In Memoriam John Kafka

John passed away on September 26. He had been a long time member of SOOS who was always available to help out where he could. He had been a member of the Board of Directors, he hosted many of our Summer Picnics at his home in Scarborough, and he participated in our annual shows by exhibiting his plants in the joint Norman-O’Regan- Kafka display. John’s wife Hedda organised the meeting refreshments as well as the show food for many years. We will miss you John.

December 2006

SOOS Honours Long Serving Member

At the December meeting Diane Ryley was recognized for long term service to the society. Diane is probably best known for her management of the society sales table. She also manages the allocation of vendor tables at our monthly meetings and collects the fees for same. In the past Diane also played major roles in our annual shows. For many years she designed and managed the show layout and setup. She designs and makes stained glass art as a hobby and has provided samples of her art as prizes and awards for the society. Congratulations and thank you Diane.

February 2006

SOOS annual show moves back at the Toronto Botancial Gardens

After a year of renovations, the Toronto Botancial Gardens welcomed SOOS back for it spectacular annual orchid show.


December 2005

Joe O’Regan Honorary LifeMember

Of the many persons that have contributed their varied talents to SOOS over the past 40 years, some stand out more than others. One such person is Joe O’Regan. We honored Joe at our December meeting with an Honorary Life Membership and a gift from the society membership for his many years of dedicated service.

Joe has been our ‘keeper of the moneys’ for a very long time, and has decided that the new term of office will be his last. Joe is never only the treasurer who supplies us with a monthly financial update. He has taken us through our annual budget creation for both the society and the show, and he has seen to it that all of our revenues and expenditures are properly recorded and accounted for. In addition Joe has contributed his energies and talents to our shows and to other shows with much appreciated orchid displays and apple strudel. Joe in his quiet way is probably our best known ambassador in Ontario orchid circles.

We thank you Joe and hope you stick around.


September 2005

The renovations are almost done and they are spectacular.   We are happy to be going home.  As of September,  SOOS will be moving back home to the Toronto Botanical Gardens.  This is where our regular meetings will be held, as well as our 2006 show.  The Toronto Judging Centre of the American Orchid Society also has it's monthly judging here. 

JUNE 2004

Executive Committee News

bullet Members sales table. The popularity of the members sales table is such that the resulting congestion is making it increasingly difficult to operate. Effective immediately the committee has approved the following changes to the rules:
  1. Plants must be brought to the table between 12 and 12:30 pm. No plants will be accepted after sales commence at 12:30 pm.
  2. The owner of the plants must be present at the meeting and present a current membership card.
  3. The sales donation to the society will now be 20% instead of 10% of the sales price.
  4. To assist the sales staff we have developed a standard form for use by all members wishing to sell plants at the members table. A copy is on page 8 of this newsletter, please use it.
bullet As a result of the renovations at the Toronto Botancial Gardens (starting Jan2005), SOOS will be moving its regular monthly meetings to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, North of Eglinton avenue East between Don Mills road and the Don Valley Parkway, just off Wynford Drive.  The cost of these new facilities makes it necessary to increase the table cost to vendors. As of 2005 the cost will be $100 per 8 foot table and $50 per 5 foot table.


APRIL 2004

Executive Committee News

Space for our 2005 show and meetings has been found at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, North of Eglinton avenue East between Don Mills road and the Don Valley Parkway. The building is newly renovated and has excellent space. The location is very accessible and has good parking.

November 2003 - New Executive Elected

        Your New Board of Directors and Executive:

bullet President. Jay Norris
bullet Vice President Stanley Luk
bullet Past President Mario Ferrusi
bullet Secretary Sue Loftus
bullet Treasurer Joe O’Regan
bullet Membership Hesse Pommells

Directors: Chee Chong, Wayne Hingston, Yvonne Schreiber, Marion Williams, Ellen Lai, David Bryan, Wayne Eyles, Terry Kennedy .Inge Poot, Peter Poot, Robin McLaughlin, Winston Hsu, Michael Jabir, Jocelyn Bertrand, Terry Kowalczk



Our Grower of the Year for 2003 is Anita Kho.  Over the past 12 months, Miss Kho won the most points at out monthly show table ribbon judging.  Her $50 gift certificate can be redeemed at any of the vendors at out monthly meetings.


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