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Next Meeting: ORCHIDFEST!

Sunday, 8 July 2018 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens in Floral Hall

This is a special all day summer event to which we invite all of our orchid friends.


Please note: NO Member and Vendor sales, NO Member plant table review, and NO Raffle at this event.

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Plant of the Month - May 2018

Ascocentrum miniatum

Ascocentrum miniatum Doug and Terry did a beautiful job flowering this species! The plant was grown without any medium in a plastic basket, high up in their greenhouse and got water and fertilizer with all the rest of the plants in their high humidity greenhouse. Doug suggested the “roots in a clear bottle method” demonstrated by Alexsi Antanaitis for those of us without a continuously damp atmosphere. They have several more plants of this species available for sale. So you can all try to beat their success in covering the plant in at least 10 inflorescences of small orange flowers! Well done Kennedys!

Phalaenopsis Journal

Phalaenopsis Journal Second Quarter 28(2) 2018

SOOS members can browse the latest edition of the Phalaenopsis Journal magazine.

You can now access it instantly HERE.

If you are prompted to enter an access key to view the magazine use this: WptLCO


Special Guest Pre-Orders

Preordering information for the July 8 and September 2 speakers is as follows: ([email protected] July 8 meeting

1 You may order of their current "mail order" sale flyer, with some heavily discounted new arrivals (hybrids and species, mostly). This will represent the best value for our members; (the flyer is downloadable on their website, on the "News" page)

2. There will be no further discounts from these prices, but there will be no shipping or document charges.

3. Members can also order anything from the online catalog at, The shopping cart does not work for non US orders so one should make a list and send it directly to ([email protected])

4. Be sure to stipulate that this is an order for Bob to bring to Toronto. for July 8th.

5. .Deadline for pre-orders is June 30

Sunset Valley Orchids September 2 meeting For pre-orders:

1. Order from the website as this is the most current listing. < [email protected]> directly mentioning that the order is for his SOOS visit September 2nd.

3. No further discounts as Fred is paying for shipping and documentation etc. so there are no added cost to the price of the plants.

4. At the meeting he prefers payment in US funds or you can use Paypal or Credit card if you would like to prepay.

5. He will start accepting orders for the Sept meeting on July 1st and the cut off date is August 20th


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Future Meetings:

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Importing Orchids into Canada

This is a very complex and sometimes frustrating topic.
Marilyn H. S. Light, Chair,
Conservation Committee of the Canadian Orchid Congress
sheds some light in this
excellent article. Some things have changed since this writing, but it is still helpful.