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Sunday, 14 May (Mother's Day), 2017 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens in Floral Hall

Program: Our ever popular Round Table sessions. Topics: Orchid Wiz — Terry Kennedy, Keikis — Synea Tan, Pests, Bugs and Their Removal — Alexsi Antanaitis and Fertilizer Math — Alla Linetski

Andrea Niessen will be our guest for OrchidFest in August. We have the ability to purchase plants for delivery at that meeting. Here is their list:

Orquídeas del Valle Price List 2017


When: Saturday Feb 11 and Sunday Feb 12.  11:00am to 5:00pm

Where: Toronto Botanical Gardens - 777 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1P2

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Plant of the Month - April, 2017

Polycycnis aurita

Synea Tan

Polycycnis aurita

This plant had a long spray of curiously formed, delicate, 5-cm, cream flowers with red-brown spots. Synea tries very hard to help people make their orchids survive in cultivation by freely sharing her secrets of success.
Synea re- pots the plant after flowering, not too tightly, once a year in New Zealand sphagnum, keeps it very wet, even leaving a bit of water in the saucer the plant sits in. Never let the plant dry out or it will lose its leaves and probably its life soon after.
She has no air movement in her growing area, but under her conditions it does not seem to matter one whit! She does drill lots of holes into the sides of her pots to increase air to the roots. She fertilizes twice a week with a mix of 3 teaspoons of fertilizer (usually MSU) in 18 gallons of rain water. She makes sure that she waters with plain water every 2-3 weeks.
She has fluorescent tubes (which she is slowly phasing out in favour of pairs of warm and cool LED tubes) and the plant likes that kind of lighting.
The fly in the ointment: the flowers of Polycycnis only last in good condition for about a day, just like its cousins the Stanhopea, Coryanthes


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Future Meetings:

  • June 4th Leslie Ee Topic :The Legend of the Phalaenopsis violacea var Indigos
  • August 6th "Orchid Fest" speaker Andrea Niessen
Please check the Calendar for more events and details.

Importing Orchids into Canada

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