Monthly Show Table Judging

This is a reminder to all members of our new ribbon judging of the monthly show table. With over 300 members we should have more than 10 to 20 plants available each month for discussion. With this goal in mind we have started ribbon judging the show table at our October 2002 meeting.

We have about 8 classes for entries, and ribbons will be given to first, second and third place entries following the rules for ribbon judging at shows. The ribbons will represent points and will be accumulated. After the March meeting the overall winner will received a $50 gift certificate to spend at our April Show. There is a maximum of 5 plants per person. Please participate and share your knowledge, or just luck, with the rest of the society. 

Please print out this form, fill it out and bring it along with your plant

January 2012

Show Table Archive

January 2012

The plant of the month, or rather basket of the month, went to Sherry and Peter Decyk for the beautiful arrangement of dendrobiums with a bit of aerangis and paphinia “on the side”. The Latouria Dendrobiums that they showed to us this time are a very rewarding group of dendrobiums that do not require a shock to start blooming and that stay in bloom for months. Sherry and Peter grow their dendrobiums in a bark-based medium, hanging in their greenhouse, so they get plenty of light and can dry somewhat between watering. Congratulations, Sherry and Peter! Sorry about the lack of a picture but it turned out that Peter Poot‟s camera was on the fritz!



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